Trincomalee known as Gokanna, Gokarna or Siri Gonamala is an ancient seaport town and as records in the historical chronicles of Sri Lanka state, it is the harbour where Princes Panduvasudeva, King Vijaya’s nephew sailed into Sri Lanka from Sinhapura, India. “Badda Kachchayana who later became the queen of King Paduwasdeva (505- 474 B.C) with her party of royal maidens too landed in Siri Gonamala Harbour, She was a sister of Prince Digha, said to be the founder of Dighavapi.

Trincomalee is one of the oldest cities in Asia, it has served as a major maritime seaport in the international trading history of the island with South East Asia. It is 296 Km from Colombo city. Trincomalee harbour is one of the world’s best natural harbours which can provide ample space for ships and tankers. The water area is little more than 2000 hectares, Prima Wheat factory and Petroleum (China Bay) Tanks mostly use this habour.

Trincomalee and its suburbs are amidst the fine beaches of Nilaveli, Uppaveli and Pigeon island recently. Trincomalee has gained popularity as a whale watching destination too. The Dive centre at Nilaveli, Uppaveli attracts tourists with its ability to offer diving, snorkeling and swimming. Trinco town offers everything that you need, including internet facilities. There are many guest houses and a few hotels in town and along Nilaweli road. There are lots of local and foreign guests during weekends.

Trinco Town is dedicated to protecting deer and you can see them freely moving along roads. There are 645 villages in the Trincomalee district in 13 Local Government Authorities, The majority of the population are Sri Lankan Moors 40%, 30% Sri Lankan Tamils, and 27% Sinhalese.

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