Ruhunu (Yala) National Park


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Ruhunu (Yala) National Park

The Yala National Park is located in the southeastern region of Sri Lanka and extends over two provinces and two administrative districts, as follows. Northern, northwester and western areas of the park lie in Monaragala district in the Uva province; Southwestern and southern areas lie in Hambanthota district in the Southern province;

Part of the southern and all the eastern and northeastern boundaries lie along the Indian Ocean. Yala is renowned for the variety of its life, largely characteristic of dry zone tropical thorn forest, and its fine coastline and associated coral reefs. Large numbers of important cultural ruins bear testimony to earliest civilization and indicate that much of the area was populated and well developed, with an irrigation system supplying water to the surrounding paddy field, including those of Yala.

The park boasts a great variety of fauna, which includes Leopard, Elephants, Sloth bears, Spotted deer, Civets and Crocodiles. The birdlife here is also very diverse, with migrants swelling the numbers of the resident population in winter.

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