Welcome to Srilanka

Sri Lanka’s coastline is 1,338 km and there are 82 coastal lagoons which give life to this beautiful island on the Southern tip of the Indian sub-continent. These coastal lagoons are diverse in size, shape, configuration, and ecosystem. There are eight coastal zones, namely Northern, Northeastern, Eastern, Southeastern, Southern, Southwestern, Western and Northwestern, Researchers have confirmed that the square area of all these lagoons are 1520 km2.And the length of the lagoon shoreline is 2791 km.

When the northeast monsoon winds blow from November to March you can enjoy the sunny, calm beaches of West and southern coastline. During the southwest monsoon season from April to October you can visit the beaches of east coast.

The coastal resorts in the West, South, and East coasts of Sri Lanka offer a wide range of water sport activities like snorkeling and scuba diving operated by professionally qualified diving schools, wind surfing , fishing, canoeing and water skiing.